Le Mans videos

Just updated the video section with some video from our annual trip to Le Mans. If you're thinking of going it's a good way to get a feel for the atmosphere of the event.


Save the Chibbies (Android Game)

Here's my first steps into developing mobile apps, and it's a simple little game for Android devices. The game is a test of your reactions as you must save the cute little Chibbies from being crushed to death by the stamping columns of doom.

It's silly and simple so if that sounds like your kind of thing, please install it and let me know what you think.

There's more info here or to install the game, head over to the Android Market.


Some experimental stuff added

The experiments section will contain any incomplete projects I'm currently working on. I've added three new things in there, so go and have a look now or they'll be finished and I won't have a place to put them.

You'll find them all in the Experiments section.


Blyton Trackday

On the 25th June 2010, the brand new Blyton Park hosted its second trackday since laying a brand new surface. This tight, twisty track is perfect for MX-5s, so Mazda on Track have decided to make it their home.

I have put together a video of the day, which you can see here:
Mazda on Track at Blyton Park


Le Mans - Full video

If you've ever wanted to go to Le Mans, you should. If you love cars or motorsport or drinking, it's an essential experience. To give you all a little taste of the experience, I've put together a video diary from our visit in 2010.

So here is my Le Mans 2010 video diary



I like cars.

So I decided to take the camcorder along to a car control day, superbly organised by Mazda on Track. In the video section, you will find filmed evidence from this silliness.

Or you could just click here instead, lazy.


Le Mans 2010

I've just finished editing my footage from Le Mans 24 hour in 2010, and I've uploaded a small snippet to YouTube. It shows parts of the race from dusk until dawn. That's pretty much why I've called it Le Mans 2010 - Dusk 'til Dawn

You can find it in the videos section.


Where those buses go

Aha! So that's where those buses are going.



Animation added to the animation section. This one is about a man opening a box with some unusual results.


New animation

I've uploaded a short story about a man in a hat.


New Bridge

Attempt 28 is now available and it looks like this.


New Mr Round episodes

I've added six episodes of Mr Round. I've updated some of them and completely redone one because it was a bit rubbish. You can see all the Mr Round episodes here.

I have also added a series of short animations, which you will find in the animation section.


Silly images added

I've added the silliest of my images that were originally posted on b3ta. I've tweaked some of them since even I didn't understand them!

You'll find them in the Images section.


Dad Dancer

Dad Dancer is a game in which you can drag Dad into various positions to build up your own dance routines, then watch them performed in time to your music.

It uses custom built audio analysis to hit the moves in perfect time to the beat, meaning you can play any MP3 and the beat will be automatically detected!

And new for 2011 is a Facebook version.


New website

Welcome to the new website. It is green.

Still a lot of content to transfer over from the old site so please bear with me!


Bridge series transferred to new site

All the Bridge animations are now on the new site. You can see all the episodes in the Bridge section.

I'm so pleased that I've started work on a new one.


Bridge series transfer almost complete

Most of the Bridge animations have been transferred to the new site.

You will find them in the animation section.


Site update continues

I have added some more Bridge animations to the site. More to follow soon. You can see them in the animation category.

Also some CSS issues still to resolve. Bloody CSS.


New Mr Round episodes

Mr Round has been added to the new site. More episodes to follow.


Bridge animations added

I have added some of the Bridge animations. More to follow.